Plant Facilities Improvements Project

USD Project Manager: Thomas Lam
Contractor: DW Nicholson Corporation
Awarded Contract Amount: $1,570,346
Estimated Completion Date: 1/2017

Various equipment and facilities at the Plant and the Newark Pump Station are in need of rehabilitation, replacement, or modification in order to improve the Plant and Pump Station’s operation and maintenance. The project consists of the repair of the lining in the 60-inch primary effluent pipe between the primary clarifiers and Lift Station No. 1; installation of a jib crane on the roof of the Degritter Building; installation of safety handrailing on the roof of the Degritter Building; relocation of the concrete island at the front vehicle gate to provide safer access for large trucks; installation of permanent groundwater dewatering pumps around Primary Clarifiers Nos. 1 through 4 to reduce uplift forces exerted on out-of-service tanks; re-coating of the structural steel beams located at the Solar Carport facility; replacement of one of the two bar screens at the Headworks Building; installation of permanent polymer solution piping from the polymer preparation facilities in the GBT building to the effluent channel of the aeration basins; miscellaneous concrete repairs (surge towers, chlorine contact tank walkway, flow meter vault, Newark Pump Station wall); replacement of digester sludge heat exchanger No. 3 and No. 6; and re-coating of the structural steel beam joints at the Covered Storage Building.

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