Newark Backyard Sanitary Sewer Relocation Phase 3

USD Project Manager: Rollie Arbolante
Contractor:  McGuire and Hester
Awarded Contract Amount: $2,107,735
Estimated Completion Date: 10/2016

The Newark Backyard Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project - Phase 3 is the final phase of the three-phase project to improve the existing sewer system within the residential neighborhood located northerly of the intersection of Diary Avenue and Cherry Street in the city of Newark.  The existing sewers have very flat slopes and require frequent and expensive maintenance.  The sewers are also located in backyard easements and are very difficult to access for maintenance and inspection.  The goal of the project is to relocate the existing backyard sewer mains and laterals to the public streets fronting the homes. This phase of the project includes the construction of approximately 3,000 feet of new sewer mains and the relocation of 100 sanitary sewer laterals to new sanitary sewer mains along Bonnie Street, Zulmida Avenue, Wilma Avenue, and Noel Avenue.

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